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Dedicated to Mirco De Tan said "Dezza" and Ibrahima Ba said "Kounkoure"

Our friend Mirco De Tan, alias “Dezza”, left us. When a friend and a fellow leaves us, is always a big regret. When it happens at the age of 36, regret is mixed with a feeling of injustice . In Mulazzo, Dezza was one of the first supporters of Mama Africa. Especially the first six years, he rounded up his friends to prepare the park and clean up the wood to set up the camp.
In the afternoon, he used to walk course students to bathe in the river. Then, in the evening, he was always busy checking everything was working, bartending, making "sgabei" with Nutella and, finally, dismantling and cleaning up. First Mama Africa friends and all volunteers sure will remember him and his ponytail...
Bye bye Dezza. A hug to your mom, your dad, your girlfriend and "Bimbo".

Ibrahima Bah, known as 'Kounkure', was a musician beloved by many of the artists at Mama Africa, who had seen him grow musically in the Ballets of Conakry from the age of 10. Everyone in Dixin called him 'Kounkure', because as a child he would skip class at school to follow the greatest artists at rehearsals in the 'Kounkure Bamba' ballet. A musical talent who came to Europe with all his simplicity to begin in a successful career, has passed away unpredictably at just 28 years of age. Dear friend, you will remain in the memories of all those like you who struggled in the streets of Conakry, but found in music the full expression of themselves, a love from which you cannot be separated, a melody that will always remain with us and keep us always together.

Be the Change

Things are constantly changing around us and we always have to choose between being protagonists of change or fear it. In these ten years we turned Mama Africa from a few people’s dream to a great European meeting.
Keep on making this change together.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".

Registration closed!

Mama Africa Meeting 2015

Via San Genesio, Villafranca in Lunigiana
54028 Massa Carrara - Italy

E-mail: info@mamaafrica.it

Web Site: www.mamaafrica.it


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Sponsored by:

Regione Toscana
Comune di Villafranca in Lunigiana
Forum provinciale della Cooperazione Internazionale, della Pace e della Solidarietà (MS)
Società della Salute della Lunigiana.

In collaboration with:

Comitato Regionale Arci Toscana
Circolo Arci Torrano - Cultura e Solidarietà
Circolo Arci Babel La Casa dei Popoli - Pontremoli
Circolo Arci Agogo - Aulla
Agenda 2002 l'Altro Mercato - Pontremoli
Associazione Papa Giovanni XXIII - Mulazzo
Associazione Donne di Luna - Bagnone
S.P.I. e C.G.I.L. Pontremoli
Vigilanza Antincendi Boschivi, Protezione Civile - Villafranca

With the support of:

Concessionario F.lli Beghini
Distributore Esso di F. Ferrari
Centro Estetico Gocce di Relax - Pontremoli
Io Bevo - General Beverage
Cloud Italia
Farfalle in Cammino
La Gallina Cubista
Concessionario F.lli Beghini