Mama Africa Meeting 2014

Mama Africa Meeting 2015
From July 26th to August 2nd, 2015



Disco Park Il Nido
Villafranca in Lunigiana (MS), Italy

Lunigiana dresses for Africa!

The African culture, art, music, dance and debates.

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Special Stage

Corsi e Stage - Mama Africa Meeting 2014


Dance, percussion, melodic instruments, singing.

Il Villaggio di Benteremà - Mama Africa Meeting 2014

Benteremà Village

Workshops for children to learn, play and discover.

Conferenze e Dibatti - Mama Africa Meeting 2014

Conferences and Debates

Integration, multiculturalism.

Spettacoli e Concerti - Mama Africa Meeting 2014

Shows and Concerts

International guests

Mama Africa Meeting 2014, dedicated to Maurizio Verrieri

Maurizio VerrieriMama Africa dedicates its 9th edition to Maurizio Verrieri, who recently left us. We spent no more than one year with him but over this short time we learned from his support and dedication to the project Mama Africa. He was a visionary, a dreamer. He wanted the "nest" to become a source of wealth for the inhabitants of Villafranca and the surroundings; to host initiatives and help spreading ideas of acceptance and welcoming. A place where children and teenagers could grow, experience, learn and hope. That’s why he asked Arci and Mama Africa to settle here and to create other programs for children and young people. Little by little, with his sons’ and siblings’ help, and the help of the communal administration, we will try to realize his dreams.


In Lunigiana, from the beginning of this year, centers for refugees and asylum seekers of the SPRAR project have been set up. There are 21 people divided into groups of 5 or 6 people into 4 different communities one of these is Villafranca. The hospitality is not only an experience of human dignity, but should also become an occasion of enrichment and cultural growth for all the community. During debates and study meetings we will encounter the experiences and the main hosts of these hospitality communities in Tuscany and in Italy, but we will also denounce and show shameful realities of exploitation and slavery in our "Beautiful Italy". We will also talk about the importance of information and communication networks that should support battle against injustice and the right to work, and also the projects that support the migrant and asylum seekers communities.

Novelties of the 9th edition

Novelties are aimed to let the meeting be more pleasant and welcoming, more open to the territory and more participated.


All of the courses will be held around the "nest", and no longer in gyms of Filattiera and Bagnone. You should use the showers that are at the sport field which is located approximately 300 meters from the venue.


In the late afternoons, during the week of the meeting, there will be small shows for children in the streets Villafranca, Bagnone and Filattiera.


At the end of the parade of Sunday 27th a concert will be held in the town square of FIletto and throughout the rest of the week different artists will entertain the evenings.


At the entrance of the park there will be a first reception to make sure that all of us here in the campsite are registered in the secretariat. It will forbidden to introduce high volume alcohol in the campsite.

Mama Africa Meeting 2014

Via San Genesio, Villafranca in Lunigiana
54028 Massa Carrara - Italy


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